When: wednesdays 2015

Where: Atha Yoga Center, Avaldsnes gate 95 B, 4014 Stavanger

The class is suitable for all


We have mats and blankets to sit on.

To expand the group and the knowledge of Buddhism, it is customary to invite teachers with approved education in Buddhism to hold talks

So we encourage all participants to contribute a donation to the hour you are on.

The minimum donation amount is proposed to 25 Kroner

Donations can be made on the hour or by transferring a chosen amount to -

Stavanger Bodhi Paths account number 3201 39 51 828

With this support one helps to contribute to mutual growth and development in meditation / Buddhism in Stavanger, Norway.





With a calm mind is the opportunity to practice insight meditation, which involves analysis of the true nature of mind. Through these exercises with calm meditation and insight we can remove the veil of ignorance and confusion that prevents us from experiencing the peace and clarity that is already present in our minds.



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